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Want us to sell your motorhome?

Parbold Motorhomes offers a "Sale on Behalf of" scheme on post 2000 motorhomes

'Sale on Behalf' offers you the seller, them the buyer, and us the Motorhome Centre many benefits you can view below!

Benefits to the Seller:

  • Your motorhome has a free valuation
  • Your motorhome has a free estimate for any necessary repairs
  • Your motorhome is displayed on a secure sales site
  • Your motorhome has a full professional valet
  • Your motorhome has a full professional service
  • Your motorhome is always demonstrated by a professional sales team
  • You do not have the hassle of selling
  • You are much more likely to sell your van
  • You are likely to get a better price for it

Benefits to the Buyer:

  • They can compare several motorhomes together on an approved site
  • The motorhome has been checked for damp
  • The motorhomes are sold with a warranty *
  • The motorhome has had a full service
  • They can view the motorhome when they like
  • They can obtain finance for purchase if they require it
  • They can part exchange their existing motorhome
  • They have ready access to any accessories they need
* Above is subject and only applicable to purchase price in excess of £5,000

Parbold Motorhomes
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